Hillary Clinton Visits Foreign Trade University – Part1

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Hillary Clinton Visits Foreign Trade University – Part1

Thank you so much, well, I’m glad to have this opportunity to be here, two years after my husband was here. And I think has Hoa says, the Clintons and Vietnam have a very close relationship that I hope continues for many, many years into the future. And to be here at this great university, I really appreciate so much, Mr. President Hoang Van Chau, thank you sdo much for you and your leadership. And thanks to all of the students and the Fulbright Alumni who are here as we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Vietnam’s Fulbright Program.

You know I think it is easy when someone like me comes to visit or my husband or secretary Leon Panetta who was just here, to focus on the high officials who come to visit.But really, although that’s what draws the headlines, what is as important if not more important are the daily contacts between our people. So many Vietnamese and so many American people who get to know one another, who have a chance to work together or study together or even live together, creating those bonds that really do bring us closer together. So I’m delighted to be here representing my country and the many, many millions of Americans who have a very positive feeling about Vietnam. And who care deeply about the future of this country and in particular the future of young people like yourselves. One of the ways we show that is by supporting academic study abroad. The United States has a long history of doing that because we think it helps Americans to visit other countries to learn and form lasting bonds   and we want people from other countries to do the same in the United States and it’s no exaggeration to say that programs like the Fulbright program play a crucial role in America’s foreign policy. J. William Fulbright was a very well known, famous American senator in his time and he believed so strongly that what was most important was breaking down the walls of misunderstanding and mistrust. Not that we will agree on everything because no two people let alone to nations agree on everything. But that we will see each other as fellow human beings on a common journey. A journey that is filled with all of the possibilities that are available to people around the world and it’s no accident that we have been focused on strengthening our people engagement, here in Vietnam and throughout Asia as a way of building more and more of those relationships.

So over the past two decades the Fulbright program has helped to deepen the ties between our nations and it has as we have just heard, literally transformed the lives of over a thousand American and Vietnamese students, scholars, educators and business people. And it has indeed already produced some of our global leaders and I know it will continue to produce remarkable leaders. Fulbright Alumni are already major figures in Vietnamese policies. Deputy Prime Ministers, Foreign Minister, who I have just met with is a Fulbright Alumn others have gone on to make important contributions in science, in business in the arts and certainly in academia.

Now some of the most accomplished alumni from all our scholarship programs are here with us today. And their remarkable stories show what is possible when you help talented young people get the skills and connections they need to succeed. Now I could literally tell you hundreds of stories but let me just talk about one example. Do MinhThuy where is ?, is ? here? Ah, there you are ?, Well ? used her Fulbright scholarship to study journalism at Indiana University. And after graduating she decided that her fellow journalists in Vietnam deserved the chance to have access to the kinds of skills and experiences she had so she recruited some friends that she’d met in Indiana to help her create a program for training and mentoring young journalists   and today her team has run workshops with over two thousand, three hundred participants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. So one person, one scholarship has that kind of ripple effect in just one area of Vietnamese life.

Đam Bich Thuy Is Dam Bich Thuy here?Another Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of the Wharton School of Business a university of Pennsylvania is now one of the most prominent women in finance in Southeast Asia. As Vice Chairwoman at ANZ Bank, she leads over ten thousand employees. And she has said that studying abroad helped her and I quote “to approach the world and other people from other cultures with a more balanced, less biased view, while maintaining my originality.” That’s a beautiful way of saying that. And I think that these two women and so many of you are representative of the professionals and scholars who have studied in the United States and then taken that experience and put it to work back home. And even more young people are on the track to doing the same thing.

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