Hillary Clinton Visits Foreign Trade University – Part2

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Hillary Clinton Visits Foreign Trade University – Part2

Today there are over fifteen thousand Vietnamese students in the United States and I believe this generation of students and scholars is well positioned to make great contributions to Vietnam’s future. And it won’t be just because of their education and their skills it will be because of the relationships and the perspectives that they forge and bring home with them. And they then will be really at the foundation of creating new opportunities, new ways of thinking, innovation, entrepreneurialship, that will help so many other Vietnamese realize their own dreams. I like to say that talent is universal but opportunity is not. There are smart, hardworking people all over the Vietnam, in fact, all over the world who may not get the opportunity that some of you have had. Therefore it’s incumbent upon all of us to keep opening those doors of opportunity. Because walking through it may be a young man or a young woman who becomes a medical researcher and discovers a cure for a terrible disease. Becomes an entrepreneur and creates a product that Vietnam exports all over the world and by doing so creates thousands of jobs. Becomes a professor who then creates the next and the next and the next generation of those who contribute.

So we want to do more, and the United States is looking to do more to increase the number of education exchanges. I just met with the foreign minister who is himself a Fulbrighter to talk about what more we could do to get even more young Vietnamese a chance to study and we’ll be exploring that and looking for ways to bring that into action. And then I invite you to please give us your ideas about what more we can do working with you, working with the government, working with civil society, working with business in Vietnam, to create more of these connections. Our ambassador, Ambassador David Sheer is here and if you have ideas please let our embassy know. Because one of the things I most admire about what Vietnam has accomplished in the last twenty years is this, among other things, the incredible resilience, and dedication to improving lives and society, the role that women are playing in Vietnam. I go to many countries and that is not yet the case but it is happening right here in Vietnam. Women and men together, building the new Vietnam. The emphasis on education, which is the passport to a better future and constantly opening doors for higher and higher levels of educational attainment. This is the best way I think Vietnam can prepare itself.

People often ask me, what can an individual, what can a nation do? Well the world we live in is unpredictable. There is no way that we will know everything that will happen in the future. But the best insurance policy is a good education, at a great university like the foreign trade university, or one of the others universities here in Vietnam or abroad.

So we want working with you and talking with the leaders of educational institutions like this one as well as your government and others in society to figure out how we can be a better partner when it comes to opening those doors for Vietnamese young people. So I wish all of you the very best as you continue your own careers. I hope that you stay in touch with those who you’ve met and worked with and studied with in the United States. I am inspired by what you have accomplished in such a short period of time and I look forward to continuing this partnership between our countries. It’s one that I think can be as I have said before a model and one that can become better and better because we work at it together. It’s not the United States or Vietnam, it is us working together to create that model relationship and provide the opportunities for both of our people to live up to their own God given potentials. Thank you all very much.

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