Unit 4: Jessica Alba - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Jessica Alba - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Our first guest is one of the sexiest moms in Hollywood. She just launched her first product lines for family called the Honest Company. Please welcome, Jessica Alba.

Hey Jessica! Good to see. You the last time you were here you were gigantically pregnant. I mean you were pregnant in a way that we almost had an EMT here.

Sort of, yeah. That happened.

And how old is that little child now?

She’s eight months.

Wow, eight months old, it’s been that long?

And she’s precious right?

She’s so sweet.

What is her name?



She smiles all the time. That’s her eating solids->salads. That’s how she does it. We just went to Tokyo and Kyoto and Seoul.

Wait let me just tell you something, you wanna, you wanna just say Ellen, you were right because I predicted the first time that she was a girl and I was right. And the second time I said girl and I was right again.

No you said boy. You said girl?

I said girl.

You said girl? Okay.

No, I said girl, watch.

I guessed it was a girl the first time and I was right, so I’m guessing it’s a girl.

That happens sometimes, sorry that happens when I’m talking. So you went to Tokyo? Tokyo, and just for vacation?

And Kyoto and Seoul and yeah it was really beautiful.
Had you been?

I’d been to Tokyo a few times but I’ve never been there obviously, with the farm. And so it was cool to teach Honor just about different cultures and she had really nice manners, she would bow and say domo arigato kosaimas, which is like thank you very much to everyone she met.

Wait, she’s four and she says that?

Yeah, yeah. Well I was pretty militant. I was like, what do you say to everyone that you meet? I was like you’re not going to get anything, you’re going to get a time out forever if you don’t do it. So she was like domo arigato to everyone all the time, she was really good.

Gosh, you’re really strict. With raft and yellow I’m not that strict.

Well you know, I think teenagers are a little tougher to handle. Yeah.

And so how was Tokyo, Disneyland Tokyo?


It was great! There were no lines.

No. how is that possible?

There were like five-minute lines. It was amazing. I don’t know.

What do they do differently there?

They’re just like, polite and organized.

It was like the most organized theme park experience in the world, it was awesome.

And the last time…

Oh yeah, that’s the creep. So….

Is that what the conductors call it, the creep?

Well like, from afar it was like fairy Godmother and Honor was like is her wand real? Is it real magic? And I was like probably. And she’s like can I touch it, I’m like absolutely not. And then she was like, I need a picture mom. Mom, can we take a picture and I was like, fine.

And so we got closer I realized that her face wasn’t moving and it was a mask and I was like, oh dear. That’s scary. Um. And then she was like mommy! And she saw the face and she was like, I want to take a picture but only with you and if you’re standing really, really close to her. I was like, okay.


So I took the picture with the creep mask.

She’s a smart girl. That is a real creepy looking.

Yeah a tiny bit.

Sort of.

Is she still really into purses?


Still? steal my purse?

Steal your purse.


Yeah, you know, she likes it because there’s more room for her to collect things. She doesn’t really call it stealing, she just says oh, it’s mine now.

She has two purses there.

If you can’t tell your head…

My head is upside down. It looks like I’m underneath her dress, hanging outside of it.

There you are again.

In the other one she had two purses. Why does she have two purses?

Because sometimes she can’t fit everything in one so she then has to….

Well what kind of stuff does a little girl have at four years old to have two purses?

She basically just goes around the house and takes everything that she sees and then it becomes hers and it’s in her purse and then it’s hers. And I’m like, yeah but when you go into mommy’s purse and take things out of my purse and put it into your purse it’s not automatically yours. Like my ID, or things that she likes, like my driver’s license. She’ll take everything and then she wants like make-up and Cash is really upset about that. And he blames me but I’m like, she’s just a girl. I don’t know…

But you must encourage it in some ways?

I don’t encourage it, no. She just like, steals my stuff.

Well she needs to learn that that’s wrong right now. You’re going to have  a lot on your hands if she thinks she can just take something and once it’s in her purse it’s hers.

It’s hers. Yeah, I keep.. I mean no. you need to come over and talk to her about it.

I will.

Because I… it’s not working out with me. I try.

I’ll talk to her. I mean, you saw how my daughter turned out. She is so well behaved. Um, alright. We’re going to take a break and we’re gonna talk… I have a gift, another gift for you. Because I like to give you things when you’re here. And the more you get, every eight months you’re back.

It’s true.

And we’ll talk about the product line which is fantastic that you’re doing this. We’ll be right back with Jessica Alba.

Red ear to elbow. Red ear to elbow. We’re hopeful that he’ll get another job before the baby arrives. It’s scary that we will be without an income.

That’s cute that Cash is taking a picture of her by an ice-cream truck.

Yeah because it’s you know, from our childhood…ice-cream trucks but we don’t actually let her get ice-cream from those ice-cream trucks. She actually doesn’t even know what it is. We’re like, you can have a piece of gum.

Oh that’s hilarious. So she just has pictures so you’re going to make her think she had it when she was growing up. That’s smart. Look of course, there you are with an ice-cream truck. Um, let’s talk about The Honest Company. Um, this is such a great idea. This is…tell people what you’re doing and why you started doing this.

Yes, so when I was pregnant. I uh, did a lot of research you know, to put together the best kind of…nursery and home for my new baby and this is with Honor. And I found out that when I was doing research that there’s a lot of toxic chemicals in everyday household products from you know your material that your couch is made out of to mattresses for babies to baby shampoo and detergents and laundry detergents and everything.

It’s crazy.

Basically everything. And so when I was trying to put together just my basic needs of washing my kid, washing the house, cleaning the house and diapering my kid I wanted to have the most eco-friendly best products that were animal friendly, environmentally friendly, kid friendly, obviously. But I wanted them to be really cute. And I wanted them to perform and I wanted them to…yeah, be affordable and accessible. And so…


They’re recyclable as well.

Yeah, everything is biodegradable and recyclable.

Well, I hope it does well because that’s the way you should do something. You should do something from something that’s a need. To fill that need and from a place of true interest and passion. And I really hope this takes off. What a great idea. What a crazy thing, our babies are you know, and we are breathing in all this stuff. So we have a little gift. These are for your daughters and they’re made out of your products. So they’re recycled diapers. To prove they’re recyclable. Right?


What else is in here? Oh, here’s a new purse for your child.

Oh my god, I love it. I’m totally going to take a picture of the girls in this.

Oh good, well when I’m over there talking to her about stealing I’ll give it to her.

How cute! That’s amazing.

 Alright Jessica, it’s always lovely seeing you and for more information about the honest company and you really should support them, go to our website. We’ll be right back with Scott Caan.

Thank you!

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