Time : 2021-10-23 21:17:58
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A Nation would be nothing if it lost its history. It is history that caries in it a great destiny which contains thousands of years to server as a fulcrum for our nation to step firmly in to the future. Looking back history, we meet our ancestors, the heroes who have saved and build the fatherland, since then, I have found that I need to do thing worthy of my ancestors. In fact today, many young people know more about international pop, movie stars than about famous people in history of their own country. Why is this? What can be done to increase young people’s interest in famous people in the history of their country?
Fist of all, we need review the method help students approach the history of our coutry. History itself is a beautiful and fascinating subject. Because there is animosity and hatred in it, there is a bloody rain, there is a national war,…All together, it is both scientific and thrilling like a movie that makes people fee good. But how do we make Vietnamese students dislike the movie? It is true that forcing childen to renember chronicle events leads to a fear mentality of studing history as dry and terrifying subject?
The point of view that need to be changed is the most obvious: history is not simple a subject. History must be understood as a valuable value of nation. Educators need to get out of mindset of history, in order to improve and teach them about valuable history. We need to bring history into the life, that means when we teach a history lesson about certain character, we need to help students understand that they need to apply their good qualities to their life.
All high school students lack one very important thing: historical thinking. History education don’t forget that history is full methodologies, science research method, and form of thinking: synthesis, analysis, debate and criticism. Example, instead of asking students to list the achievements of a general, if we ask:” In your opinion, who are the 10 most talented generals of humanity?” surely students will be more interested in finding the answer.
Besides, we should put stories in to teaching better. Such the students will excited in study history.
In short, so that young people are interested in historical figures in the country. The education sector needs to improve according to more appropriate educational methods.

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