Time : 2021-03-05 22:04:19
Điểm: 6/10
Extreme sports such as rock climbing, ski jumping and sky-diving have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of participants in recent years. However, it is thought that such dangerous sports should be prohibited for safety reasons. Personally, I am against this perspective in view of many reasons, some of which are as follows.
First and foremost, so-called extreme sports are not as hazardous as many people think. All of them have strict regulations and safety procedures to reduce the possibility of accidents. For example, as for skydiving, if the weather is too cloudy or too turbulent, the partakers have to on a weather hold until these conditions improve.
Second, participants always undergo thorough training so that the dangers are minimised. For instance, anybody who wants to take part in an extreme sport will need to sign up for lessons with a registered club, and beginners are usually accompanied by an experienced professional. Furthermore, there is a surfeit of protective equipment and technology available in many sports ranging from motor racing to ice climbing.
In summary, although such extreme sports may be perilous for some, I believe that with enough knowledge and proper regulation of safety practices, governments ought not to forbid those kinds of recreation.

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+ Body 1:Ý chính --> supporting idea --> ví dụ, dẫn chứng chứng minh

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