Review 3 - Listening
Listening comprehension
Hướng dẫn

1Bạn hãy chuẩn bị giấy, bút để có thể ghi nhanh lại những từ, ý chính trong khi nghe

2Đọc kỹ hướng dẫn, yêu cầu và câu hỏi trước khi nghe.

3Nghe lại bài kèm lời thoại nhiều lần sau khi hoàn thành bài tập.

Listening comprehension quiz

Các bạn có thể nghe lại bài kèm lời thoại nhiều lần bằng cách nhấn vào nút dưới đây:

Dialogue 1 (Questions 1- 5)

Daughter: Uh, Dad. Are you going to miss me when I leave for college next week?

Father: Yahoo!

Daughter: No, Dad . . . seriously. I mean you're always talking about how much money you'll save on food, hot water, and gas while I am gone.

Father: Of course I will . . . no, uh, well, I mean I'll miss you, of course. No, honestly, I'll miss and worry about you, and you've really tried to prepare yourself. You know, I'm proud of you for that. You know, getting a university degree is a real accomplishment.

Daughter: Exactly.

Father: But, let's go over the to-do list. Do you have everything ready? I mean, did you pay your tuition and housing fees by the deadline? Because, you know, if you don't, you'll lose your class schedule, and you have to register all over again.

Daughter: Yeah, I paid for that a few days ago.

Father: Okay, did you sign up for the meal plan at the university so you don't have to eat instant noodles every day?

Daughter: Yeap. But Mom said I could take some food from home to get me started.

Father: Uhhh, well, yeah. The oatmeal is in the pantry.

Daughter: Dad! Mom said I could take a bag of rice, some canned food, and...

Father: . . . and grandpa's old army rations.

Daughter: Ugh! Not that old stuff. Mom!

Father: Okay, okay. And you know you should set up an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to help you select future classes, right? [Yeah.] You know, business administration will be a great major for you.

Daughter: Well, Dad, uh...

Father: And future possibilities . . . a great salary, opportunities to make a difference in the community, and supporting...

Daughter: Dad. I changed my major.

Father: What? You changed you major . . . you switched majors?

Short Talk (Questions 6 - 10)

Bill Wyman, now in his sixties, was a member of The Rolling Stone, one of the most successful rock bands in the world. Here he tells us about his childhood.

''I was one of three kids out of my primary school to get a place at grammar school. I was delighted because I liked learning, but my father wasn't very pleased because I had to wear a uniform. The uniform was expensive and we were very poor. Also, I had to get a bicycle because the school was a long way from where I lived.

One day, a boy from school invited me to his house. It was a lovely house - a palace compared with mine. My father said I could not invite my friend back to my house. In fact, I didn't want my friends to come to my house- it was too embarrassing. We had no electricity or running water, and the toilet was in the garden. There was no heating in the house. In winter there was ice on the inside of our bedroom windows, so getting out of bed was really hard. The only good thing about it was that we did not have to have a bath every night. The water was so cold.

School was going well: I was about sixteen and about to take my exams. But one day my father said, ''Right, I've had enough of you in that school. You're leaving.''

I had to leave school and start earning some money for the family. The headmaster asked my father to let me take the exams, but he refused and after that I could not go to college.
Anyway, that was the end of my education but I can't complain- after that I got into music and the rest is history!''

Short Talk (Questions 11 - 14)

Hi. I'm Bob, and welcome to the show, My Home Your Home.

Imagine that it's Monday afternoon, and you decide to go out and buy a few things for dinner before the kids get home from school. You look at your watch. It's 1:30 PM, and you need to be back in 20 minutes. When you get back, you notice nothing unusual and everything is just as you left it. Then, as you are looking through your dresser drawer, you notice that the contents are not tidy. You realize money you had hidden carefully at the bottom is gone. Nothing else in the house has been taken. And the only evidence of entry is a dirty footprint on the frame of an unlocked window.

Sound unTrue? Not to our family because it happened to us.

There are several basic steps you can take to avoid being victimized in your own home. First of all, make sure that all of your exterior doors and windows have secure locks. If you've recently moved into a new home, you would be wise to rekey all of the doors because you never know who might be walking around with a copy of one. Never leave a copy of the key outside under a doormat, on a windowsill, above a door, or in the mailbox. Burglars are very aware of your temptation to do so, and your carelessness might give them an easy way in.

Second, discourage burglars from even considering your home by keeping your yard well organized. Take care of overgrown trees or bushes around entryways and windows where burglars can hide themselves. Install lights both in the front and in the back of your house and consider investing in a motion detector as well. Also, use a light timer to automatically turn on your interior or exterior lights when you are away. Next, set up a neighborhood watch group to check security in your area. Keep neighbors informed when you might be away, and have them collect your mail and newspapers if needed.

Finally, prepare your family in the event someone breaks into your house in order to avoid a serious fight. If you hear strange sounds in the house, call the police. Having a gun to protect you at home is often not the best idea because it can be used against you.

Think smart and prepare. These basic tips will go a long way to secure your home, property, and peace of mind.

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