Why do we dream? - Part2
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Why do we dream? - Part2

Now so the theory goes, these electrical impulses are detected by our conscious brain and our cortex freaks out, it doesn’t know what it means and so it tries it’s best to create a cohesive story, creating a dream. This would explain why dreams are often so fantastic and seemingly random, they’re not supposed to make sense, they’re not an actual message from our brain it’s just the results of our cortexes trying to synthesize the noise coming from all the work being done back in the unconscious. Under this way of thinking, dreams are an epiphenomenon. They are not a primary process that has a purpose, instead  they are the accidental result of a more important process going on behind the conscious brain.

But some researchers don’t believe that. They believe that dreams serve a primary purpose and that purpose is to prepare us for threats. They think this because the most prevalent emotions felt during dreams are negative, abandonment, anger and the most common of all, anxiety. The theory goes like this: back when we were early humans especially, we had no idea what kind of threats we were going to encounter during the day. And so to prepare us our brains would simulate anxieties while we slept to make us better prepared for that feeling in the real world. So people who have terrifying dreams were better at dealing with anxiety in the real world and had stronger genes.

Alright, so the theories we discussed today are quite popular. But they don’t really enjoy a consensus. Not everyone agrees on them and they barely scratch the surface of scientific thought about dreams. But that’s kind of the cool thing about dreams. Think of it like this, here is the Eagle Nebula, a giant structure in outer space six thousand five hundred light years away. But despite its distance we pretty much know what it’s made out of. We know that it’s a hundred trillion kilometers tall, we know what caused it and we know where it’s gonna be in seven hundred and fifty million years. But last night I had dreams and no one really knows why or for what reason and that’s pretty cool and that’s why thanks for watching.

If you want to learn more about the world I highly recommend, smarter everyday. It’s a show here on youtube about a guy named Destin, who I’ve met, who’s awesome, I’ve learned a lot from him. He’s the guy who did chicken thing from the lean back. He’s also studied what causes poop splash, slow motion water balloons, and has a lot of guns and explosions, what more could you ask for? So do me a favor and go check it out and subscribe if you like it. And if you haven’t seen it yet go check out what’s what review of my beard, I’ve got that in the description and as always, thanks for watching.

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